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  • Ellen Sneider

Spring Tips for Fertilizing Your Desert Landscape

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Springtime in the desert is the time for fertilizing. Start with citrus trees. All citrus trees should be fertilized starting when it begins to get warmer. Usually at the end of February or the beginning of March. Use an organic fertilizer if possible, but any citrus fertilizer will help. Fertilize at the drip line of each tree or around each tree emitter. Dig the fertilizer into the ground a few inches down. This should be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks through the growing season or through September.

Also trim off all unwanted old and new growth so the tree can have plenty of time to grow new leaves and branches during the growing season. If your tree is newly planted, its a good idea to remove as many buds/fruit as possible. This will let the tree put all its energy into growing itself and not the fruit. Also, very young trees don’t produce great fruit, and sometimes the branches of young trees can break from the weight of the fruit.

This is also a good time to give an all purpose fertilizer to everything in your landscape including the agave and cactus. If you can find a specialized cactus fertilizer that is preferable to give your cactus an extra burst.

Check all your emitters for each plant to make sure the proper amount of water is coming out. Gardeners often forget to do this on a regular basis. So remind them, before the temperatures increase. Emitter heads are very inexpensive, so replace any that need to be replaced.

If you are going to do any trimming of trees, shrubs or plants, do it before it gets really hot. Trimming in extreme heat can put plants and trees into shock and kill them.

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