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Personal landscape design consultations are available on an hourly basis to discuss your specific needs. This option is for those who want to work with a designer, but either DesertScape Design is unavailable to design and install your landscape project, or you are on a budget and would still like to have a landscape designer's advice and guidance. A consultation of this type will help you proceed with your landscape remodel in the correct direction to obtain your landscape goal. This is a more economical way to get landscape advice specific to your property and your style.

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In a consultation, we spend a few hours reviewing your property to determine what plant material will be the most appropriate for the sun exposure, heat exposure, and shade requirements specific to your project. After establishing a plant list, we discuss the best ground cover, such as DG or gravel, that will enhance your new landscape.

We'll also review appropriate lighting.



If you require further assistance after hiring a landscape contractor to install your new landscape, we can assist in on-site plant placement on the day of installation. The end goal of a consultation is to give you clarity and direction for your landscape design.

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